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From automotive to consumer goods to food and beverage containers to electronics and more, A-Z Mould helps make the world a better place. At the same time, we strive to make our customers more productive and profitable.

We also take environmental accountability very seriously and support customers’ goal of manufacturing more sustainable products. To that end, we engineer and build injection molding tools for our customers that use less energy and less material while producing less scrap during manufacturing.

Since 2009, engineering excellence, design innovation, service, and support have been hallmarks of A-Z’s commitment. We don’t just manufacture and sell well-engineered injection molding tools. We partner with customers like no one else—to ensure you have exactly the right tools for your plastic injection molding applications, and that you can run at optimal capacity. We also make sure our tools are easy to maintain—for unparalleled productivity, minimal downtime, and long service life that pay back your investment, and your trust, many times over.