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A-Z Mould Inc. is not only a leading provider of injection moulding services, but also a reliable partner for mould repairs and engineering change. We understand that moulds are subject to wear and tear, damage, or patching over time, and we are ready to assist you with any mould-related issues you may encounter.


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Mould Repairs


We offer fast and efficient mould repair services for any type of injection, regardless of the size, complexity, or material. We can handle minor repairs such as flash removal, polishing, or welding, as well as major repairs such as crack repair, core replacement, or refurbishment. We can also perform preventive maintenance to extend the life and performance of your mould.


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Engineering Change


We also offer engineering change services for your mould, in case you need to alter the design, functionality, or specifications of your product. We can perform engineering changes such as adding or removing features, changing dimensions or tolerances, or modifying the material or surface finish. We use advanced software and tools to ensure the accuracy and quality of the engineering change, and we collaborate with you to ensure the satisfaction of your requirements.


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Mould Validation


Whether you need a mould repair or an engineering change, we will validate the quality and functionality of your mould before delivering it back to you. We could provide a mould trial service of your tool upon request.

We will collect and analyze data on the moulding process and the product quality, and compare them with the original or modified specifications. We will also provide you with a detailed report of the validation results, and make any necessary adjustments if needed.


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A-Z Mould Inc. is an injection mould shop for all your moulding needs, from design to production, from repair to engineering change. Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about our services.