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EDM machine purchased from China.

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Single-Head EDM Machine Details:

The single-head EDM machine features a 3-axis head movement, ensuring high precision.
A stable CNC control system provides optimal discharge conditions.
A special structure analysis of the head and ram parts, with a high-strength BOX-type design, maintains high precision when machining heavy workpieces.
The high-strength machine body structure is suitable for machining oversized molds.
The pneumatic automatic door system facilitates access and loading/unloading when machining oversized workpieces.

High Reliability:
The DEC CNC controller, combined with the highly reliable TURBO EDM machine body, forms an excellent discharge system.
All operations and editing are controlled by the control unit, and multiple fine adjustment functions are achieved using the MPG-style Remote Control.
Utilization of the C-axis allows simultaneous control of up to 4 axes.
Various safety functions greatly reduce the risk of fire hazards.

Ease of Operation:
Instantaneous discharge voltage/current display and stability/efficiency visualization.
Menus/error screens displayed in Chinese.
Discharge detection function for easy positioning.
The discharge detection function allows for the early confirmation of discharge phenomena.
Convenient remote control function.
Various monitoring functions.
Simple program editing, deletion, and speed control.
Improved Maintenance and Serviceability:
Simple and easy-to-repair structure.
Internal plug-in connections enhance serviceability.
Equipped with various self-diagnostic and monitoring functions.

Enhanced Work Efficiency:
Utilizes a 3-axis servo controller to improve positioning accuracy and repeatability.
Detection functions: Easily locate using end face and 2-axis center point detection.
Discharge condition setting function: Easily read and modify discharge conditions quickly.

Tool setting function:
Set electrode full length and half length without changing the program for similar machining.

Zone compensation function:
Compensates for potential length errors in a specific area.